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Our first location was at 36 East Main where Dr. Adrien Catania spent months remodeling an old bakery to turn it into a Chiropractic office. Catania Chiropractic opened for business on June 26th, 2003, with one patient scheduled that day. With the help of our patients’ we have continued to grow and expanded our practice. In March of 2008 we opened our doors at 18 West Main Street. We spent 6 months turning an old 1900 Greek revival house into office space and our practice was there for 13 years. Our 3rd office location is a 12,000 sq ft facility located in Eaton, New York. We spent months renovating it to make it Healthy You Health and Wellness Center our office staff consists of one Doctor and four employees. We are open 5 days a week, Monday – Friday with 40+ office hours.

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Dr. Adrien A. Catania


With over 17 years of experience in chiropractic healthcare, Dr. Adrien A. Catania.

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Our Philosophy

My philosophy regarding healthcare has changed over the years. I have been doing chiropractic for 20 years. Every healthcare worker faces the same question every day. Can I fix this problem? The answer is yes, but sometimes only in part. The one thing that I have learned treating the public for 20 years is that I don't have every answer, but I'm a part of every answer. Healthcare has developed a serious ego. That ego is our biggest downfall. We collectively have lost track. Somewhere along the line we stopped thinking about whether the problem can be fixed and started sharing our focus with who gets the credit for fixing it. This stubborn trait has resulted in unnecessary dollars spent and continued pain and suffering. A collective approach has always been the most effective way to solve problems and healthcare problems are no different. I have always had a vision of uniting healthcare professionals to work together on difficult issues. It isn't about the who gets the patient better, but instead if the patient gets better. To fix any musculoskeletal problem you need to do three things; reduce inflammation, restore movement, and strengthen. Physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic combining with mental health and a fitness center in a solitary arena without egos has been our goal and we have made that our mission and now a reality. We broke the rules and have done what we've always hoped we could. We created a place where we now have the ability to help everyone in one location, where experienced professionals can join up, collaborate and work as a team to achieve what our patients came to us for.

Our team

Dr. Adrien A. Catania


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Sheila Catania

Office Manager

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Stephanie Jakubowski

Chiropractic Assistant

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Karen Marriam


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Macenzi Egelston

Billing Specialist

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